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I like to make to-do lists, but I don’t ever finish them or check anything off.

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Graduation season is coming to an end. A year ago around this time I graduated from college. It felt surreal because I wasn’t what the fuck I was going to do with my life. So here are few things I learned and wanted to share. 

1. College might take more than four years. You might need an extra quarter/semester or even a whole year. Perhaps even longer depending if you’re going to school part-time, taking a break, or academic suspension (hopefully this never happens). So don’t stress out too much about graduating on time. 

2. Develop your writing skills. You don’t have to be the voice of your generation. But you should have the ability to write grammar free essays or express yourself coherently. This skill will come in handy for your cover letters. I personally call cover letters the adult version of a term paper. See how those writing classes apply to the “real world.” 

3. Socialize. Meet new people. Join a club. Volunteer. Put yourself out there. 

4. Enjoy yourself. Have fun and embrace. 


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